The number of call tracking numbers

The number Google Tag Manager code. It is worth noting that the application works in conjunction with Google Analytics. So, to get starte with Google Tag Manager you nee: Create an account, as well as a container in the Google Tag Manager application; Install the GTM code on your site; Make a container publication; Check if GTM works correctly. lk-gtm After these steps, you will be able to start fully working with your Google Tag Manager. Before starting the program for the first time, you should carefully check that all fields are fille in correctly, as this will help reuce the risk of errors and various failures.

The site How to install and configure

After that, you can carry out all the manipulations through the application interface. How to set up Google Tag Manager On the very first page that opens during the initial launch, we press the registration button using any of our Google accounts or email, and then we register. After successful photo editor registration, we create a new GTM account by pressing the create account button. We come up with a name for our account, set the correct country, and then click next. Google Tag Manager account A container is a place where tags and variables for the entire site are store.

Connecting call tracking to Yandex

There can be several such containers within one account. You independently distribute the storage space for certain resources. We enter the name of our container and select the option for which it will be use. In order to publish the GTM BT Lists container, go to the Workspace tab and click Submit there, select the Publish and version creation item there, and then publish. Ready! What tasks does Google Tag Manager perform? Google Tag Manager helps you manage your tags quickly and efficiently. With this installation, you will greatly facilitate the work of yourself and your employees if you have more than two third-party services.

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