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The client receives rental income. With the help of what services and resources do banks choose real estate for VIP clients? – If we talk about the Russian real estate market, our bank has a distinctive feature in the form of deep expertise in the construction industry. We have a large portfolio of project finance, we understand pricing and demand, so we can provide clients with relevant offers for real estate for investment and personal purposes. real estate, we cooperate with trust partners with high-quality expertise in the markets of presence. — How fast are cross-border transactions now.

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There are many nuances. and on the currency. In our bank Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List money transfer usually takes one to two days. Individual currencies are sometimes slightly longer due to special time constraints. Private banking in 2023: rise or fall? – In the context of falling real incomes of the population and the departure of many wealthy Russians abroad, it seems that the private banking segment is shrinking. Is it true that soon there will be no one to sell such a service or is it a myth? I think this description of the situation is a gross exaggeration.

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The volume of cross-border transfers

The past year has been challenging, but customers and their families still prefer quality service, low commission costs, and a high level of service. It is unlikely that we will see a general rejection of private banking services. In the first half of 2022,  and cash withdrawal operations increas. It was a difficult time, they work BT Lists practically around the clock. But already the second half of the year show that customers have adapt to the new realities. Now we do not see global changes pricting a narrowing of the private banking market. — Is it reasonable for banks to build far-reaching goals in the development of private banking.

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