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Where we went and what we ate in order to increase our social capital. Secondly, the process of automation and robotization not only did not lead to a decrease in work, but became a source of new worries. For example, about their future employment: according to a PwC survey, 37% of respondents experience similar anxiety. And  is not at all aim at giving a person more free time. At least in the society we live in. There is only one main goal here – increasing labor productivity in order to transfer the fre time to new areas of work.

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Hence the paradoxical interconnectness of the two attitudes with which we start above: labor as the main content of life and the belief that technology will free a Egypt Phone Number List person from labor. As the German writer and philosopher Fririch Junger wrote, a person, obeying the dictates of mechanical time, inevitably seeks to win time, that is, some measure of mechanically count time, the supply of which is not unlimit and which he is forc to save. new mechanisms that will work faster than existing ones. But, the philosopher continues, not at all in order to spend” the sav money on sweet idleness, but in order to invest this temporary surplus” in further growth of indicators and new utility.

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This technological pursuit of free time, which is BT Lists immiately invest in efficiency, has potentially no limit. Moreover, modern practices of labor coercion have de facto become much more sophisticat and ubiquitous. Imperceptibly, they completely wean us from laziness, turning even free time into a production process that should not have vacations. For those who want to learn more about the history of “laziness” – about cultural and philosophical traditions – we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the text of the dissertation , recently defend.

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