This year will show where this idea can lead

May fall into a melancholy state. Now it seems more realistic. At least two missions planned by AstroForge. Pioneers American company will launch two spacecraft AstroForge currently employs only 15 people. It was founded in California in 2022 by former employees of SpaceX, Virgin Orbit and NASA. In a few months, the startup attracted investments in the amount of $13 million. Thanks to an ambitious project. The first device, called Brokkr-1, is scheduled to be launched into space in April 2023. It will be a kind of intelligence, a test of technology. Only known that this is a stone with a diameter modern chemical rocket engines are very harmful to the atmosphere.

The cost of extracting gold will be more

They require a lot of fuel, and there are limited supplies Dubai Phone Number List on Earth. On one side of the scale – the delivery of millions of tons of fossils from space, on the other – the atmosphere and, possibly, life on Earth in general. Therefore, new, more environmentally friendly engines are needed. Mining in space is an expensive process than the profit from the sale. Lack of infrastructure in space: for example, you need refueling points, robotic stations, a foundation for mineral processing. At the same time, it is important to take into account that the process will take place in zero gravity, the choice of technology depends on this.

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Some researchers believe that if a way to deliver

Several options for mining asteroids are now offered BT Lists open pit mining (using a bucket), mining in mines (if open pit mining is not possible), collection using magnets or thermal exposure, biomining (using microorganisms to extract metals) .  metals to Earth does appear, a sudden increase in supply could devalue them. It seems that in the short term, the industrial extraction of metals in space and their delivery to Earth is a difficult task, and so far such projects, rather, have scientific goals that require large investments.

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