This world is not limit to smartphone

Day celebrat by girlfriends on February 13th to highlight the equally important role of friendship, or the jocular Singles Awareness Day that runs parallel to SAR, but , as the name implies, is intend for those The itors of RBC Trends also decid to look at Valentine’s Day in a new way, because it can be dicat not only to romantic love. Therefore, we have prepar our own “Valentine” for our readers and collect materials about the most diverse manifestations of this feeling. Everything is here – from love for yourself, for family and friends, for nature and animals, for colleagues.

This world is not limit to smartphone

Passion for technology The guys from the Trends El Salvador Phone Number List team discuss this material in the release of the Flying podcast . You can listen on any convenient platform: in the player above, in Apple Podcasts , CastBox , Yandex.Music , Google Podcasts and wherever there are podcasts. There is not only , but also Tech The legendary phrase “ we don’t have ”, utter by the representative of the public organization “Committee of Soviet Women” Lyudmila Ivanova during a teleconference between the USSR and the USA in 1986, was taken out of context, but very well reflect the taboo of the topic.

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Tech is any product or development

In modern Russia there are “shops for adults”, exhibitions BT Lists of toys, and Russian actresses regularly occupy leading positions in the rankings of the world’s largest porn sites. Nevertheless, it is still not customary for us to talk openly about and the pleasure associat with it, our preferences. In Western countries, in this regard, everything is also not so simple. But ashops with tint windows, they are seriously talking about the whole Tech industry. And-controll vibrators, everything is much more interesting.  that aims to improve or expand a person’s ual experience. Tech is closely relat to ual health solutions: it is about the development of relationships between people, safety and ucation.

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