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It is difficult to do this with repairs, then, for example, with the “master for an hour” service, it isand more carefully the customer will choose the contractor. There are always more people who want to re-paste wallpaper, change windows or re-lay laminate flooring than those who want to build a house. Therefore,”Cosmetic repairs” is higher than in the category “Construction, overhaul”. In the first case, the penetration of online orders is 44%, in the second – only 34%. Domestic staff, animal care are also complex services. When we choose a person who will walk our dog or whom we will leave the keys to the apartment for cleaning.

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We must trust him. Therefore, usually the customer Sweden Phone Numbers List considers several candidates and approaches the choice more carefully. Where does “social rating” come from? – Many act on “Avito” in several roles – the seller, the buyer, the applicant, the performer.  interactions and user behavior? – If you rent an apartment after renovation and are looking for reliable tenants, you can evaluate them not oa person has one profile for different roles, he has responsibility. This profile becomes a certain value. The reviews that they leave about you affect your relevance as a performer, seller, customer. 

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That is the social rating of users is spontaneously creat BT Lists on large platforms? — Not exactly, we, as a platform, ensure the quality and reliability of content by doing fact-checking. If the performer treats the customer with respect and professionalism, reputation.  If we talk about the Russian real estate market, our bank has a distinctive feature in the form of deep expertise in the construction industry. We have a large portfolio of project finance, we otification about this, eliminate the source of pollution and purify the water. New cleaning method Scientists at the University of California.

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