This type of epilepsy can manifest itself

People suffering from this disease, before the next attack. Experience something similar to deja vu: hallucinations associat with past memories. Neuroscientist Lee Winters speculates that the effect is caus by incorrect electrical impulses that neuron cells create. But according to him, one should not take another deja vu as a sign of epilepsy. Vyacheslav Filashikhin, Candidate of Mical Sciences, psychiatrist, head physician of the psychiatric clinic “Rosa In epilepsy, a certain area of ? The brain becomes overexcit, which causes a seizure. Deja vu truth can be part of the aura – experiences and sensations that regularly arise before an attack. But there are non-convulsive types of epileptic seizures.

Such patients are sent to neurologists

Simply put there is a focus of increas activity in the brain, it Find Your Phone Numbers gives a discharge, but not so strong that a seizure occurs. as an attack of a “dreary-evil” mood: when a person develops anger out of the blue, and after a few seconds he abruptly releases it. Deja vu, like this attack, can be a non-convulsive variant of epilepsy, EEG is taken, foci of overexcitation are found and treat.” Split perception of information In the course of the study, professors of psychology and neurology from US universities confirm the possibility of split perception of information.

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The brain receives little information

The bottom line is that people perceive the same BT Lists object or scene twice. For example, a person walks down the street for the first time in a new city and a street cafe enters his field of vision. At first, he notices him “out of the corner of his eye”, because he is focus on passers-by. But as a result of this quick glance and processes it. Therefore, when a person looks at the cafe with a conscious full look, he will not believe that he is seeing it for the first time. This is how perception is duplicat, and perhaps that is why the recognition effect occurs.

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