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Physical exercises study hard work, overcoming problems. Have an individual effect on the production of dopamine, depending on how a person relates to them [ 18 ]. What is dopamine fasting and how it works Dopamine fasting or detox is”dopamine” rewards. California psychiatrist and psychologist Cameron Sepah suggest. Them less dependent on unhealthy behaviors: smartphones. Constant communication and a variety of visual stimuli that are. Common in modern society. The idea of ??dopamine fasting is to temporarily give up pleasant things that stimulate constant releases of dopamine, make yourself feel lonely or bor.

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According to Sep this will “reset” the reward system Nepal Phone Number List help you regain control over your own life and enjoy simple things. Cameron Sepa calls to give up 6 things that usually lead to problems and addiction [ 19 ]: Emotional overeating [ 20 ], Internet and video games, gambling and shopping, Watching porn and masturbating Hunting for thrills psychoactive substances. Doctors differ on the benefits of dopamine fasting. Endocrinologist and nutritionist Marina Moldovanova is sure that the dopamine diet is a useful technique for restoring dopamine levels. The ideal option is to protect yourself from an excess of incentives, for example, every month for several days.

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This will increase the production of dopamine and BT Lists the sensitivity of cell receptors to it. According to Moldovanova, it is worth limiting: fatty and sweet foods use of gadgets alcohol, any events that provoke vivid emotions.  the period of dopamine “hunger” in nature, in silence, doing calm, pleasant and relaxing activities. Endocrinologist Kamilya Tabeeva doubts the clear benefit of such restrictions. In her opinion, the rejection of things that bring pleasure is still a stressful situation for a person. And stress, if it is not chronic, can, on the contrary, stimulate the release of dopamine, and not ruce it  away in a couple of weeks – this is a long work.

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