Where and when to replace a person

Another thing is that people and tasks can change. According to FL, a quarter of all clients engage freelancers on a regular basis. And KWORK research shows that more than a third of customers turn to freelancers on a monthly basis, 10% – almost every day. It is important that this figure increas by 4% compar to 2019 work, which they shift from full-time employees to freelancers. Much depends on what specific tasks are being solv. Freelancers can be a taxi driver, and a foreign language tutor, and a graphic designer who sits in Bali. Often, freelancers are hir several times for target tasks.

While the rest do so occasionally

Then they realize that it is convenient, and cooperation Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List becomes permanent. To use this format more or less regularly, companies ne to build a bunch of processes around. For example, in retail, you ne to work with shifts, understand the load, know. But as processes and technologies develop, part-time employment will be even more mix with full-time. We see great potential in this. In fact, Avito was the first to turn the business on such a scale towards a part-time job. — Does the lack of an employment contract and social guarantees bother employees? How satisfi are they in general with such cooperation.

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We carry out verification of customers

If they were not satisfi, they would not work in this BT Lists format, and we would not see growth here. Today, for many, an employment contract is no longer the only right way to formalize relationships, because both the mentality and the economy as a whole are changing. Freelancers are no longer perceiv as idlers: society is getting us to the fact that this is a normal form of employment. Platforms also protect users. For example, in “Avito Services by passport, in “Work” we check the integrity of the employer. In “Subwork” – we insure the risks of clients and guarantee payment to performers.

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