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Thousand loan agreements were conclud for a total amount of more than 507 billion rubles. In March 2022, the SME Corporation and the Bank of Russia launch a concessional lending program for small and mium-siz businesses. SMEs attract 812.5 billion rubles of concessional loans in 2022, taking advantage of the guarantees and guarantees of participants in the National Guarantee System (NGS). The government also launch a program of concessional lending for purchases of priority import products at a rate of no more than 30% of the key rate of the Central Bank plus three percentage points. The program also made it possible to avoid a shortage of certain goods, in particular.

The participation of SMEs in public procurement

It extend to the purchase of import micines, food Austria Phone Numbers List vehicles, building materials, machine tools and electronics. Is growing . Every fifth large company today has purchases from SMEs in its KPIs. In 2020, about 2% of SMEs on average in Russia became suppliers for the procurement of government customers, and in 2022 – almost 3%. A subsidy was introduc for the retraining of specialists due to the ne to reconfigure processes at manufacturing enterprises. The measure was us by 257 prominantly large companies. Less than half of the entrepreneurs-respondents (48%) are aware of support measures , according to FOM estimates for the fourth quarter of 2022.

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Also according to data for the fourth quarter, only 33% plann to BT Lists receive support (43% in the second quarter). Sanctions stimulat forc entrepreneurship when there are no other alternatives to employment and income generation.  in the number of self-employ. According to VTsIOM, in 2022, about 10% of Russians survey own their own business, which is higher than in 2016 and 1992 (about 3%). However, most of them are self-employ. The share of the SME sector in employment in Russia (together with the self-employ) reach 34.8%, in 2021 – about 30%. Russian business has low innovative activity of a complex shape.

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