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Such patients are sent to neurologists, EEG is taken, foci of overexcitation are found and treat.” Split perception of information In the course of the study, professors of psychology and neurology from US universities confirm the possibility of split perception of information. The bottom line is that people perceive the same object or scene twice. For example, a person walks down the street for the first time in a new city and a street cafe enters his field of vision. At first, he notices him “out of the corner of his eye”, because he is focus on passers-by. But as the brain receives little information and processes it.

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Therefore when a person looks at the cafe with a conscious Ecuador Phone Number List full look, he will not believe that he is seeing it for the first time, and perhaps that is why the recognition effect occurs. Brain’s attempt to correct an inaccurate memory Neuroscientist Akira O’Connor conduct a study in which he tri to recreate the effect of deja vu in the laboratory. He gave the participants a list of similar words (b, pillow, night), but avoid the key word “sleep” that binds all the others. People could believe , under the influence of false memories.

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That the word dream” was on the list, according to BT Lists O’Connor . Therefore, he first clarifi whether the participants heard words beginning with the letter “s”. They were sure not. But when they were later ask about the “dream vu. Deja vu – good or bad? With the help of experts, we tri to figure out when deja vu is consider the norm, and in which cases it is a pathology and a signal for seeking help from specialists. Deja vu as a consequence of fatigue and overexertion Neuroscientist Akira O’Connor believes that a healthy person can experience deja vu on average once a month.

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