This comparison often causes a feeling of frustration

Household items and home space – from the minimalism of. The 1917 revolution to the hoarding of Brezhnev’s stagnation.consumers tri to go to. The store with a rag bag and not throw away clothes, but repair them or give them to others. I don’t understand how to deal with this. As a result, this condition negatively affects a person’s life, interferes with living, working effectively, and enjoying communication with lov ones.” Sources Frustration can come from within as well as from without. By internal frustration, we understand the state when a person himself is a frustrator (the one who provokes such a state.

Causes of frustration External and internal

That is he becomes unhappy because he himself react to the situation with negative emotions. External frustration suggests that there is another person or thing Sweden Phone Numbers List that is preventing you from meeting your nes. For example, in a situation where a person is late for an important meeting due to being stuck in a traffic jam.  for each person. Among the most common frustrators, psychologist Dan Brennan lists : stress at work setting an unattainable goal; difficulties in finding a solution to the problem. Social frustrators Nowadays, a significant source of frustration is our social environment.

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The reasons for frustration are individual

Which gives rise to, as they call it in psychology, social frustration . Vladimir Shlyapnikov explains: it is important for a person to be no worse than other BT Lists people. But since the concepts of “worse – better” are relative. “Sometimes we experience a feeling of dissatisfaction even when objectively the ne is satisfi. For example, I choose a popular expensive dish in a restaurant, but when it is brought, it seems to me that something tastier and more interesting was order at the next table. Such is the nature of man, ”the psychologist gives an example.

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