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Even the best minds can’t. For example, two-dimensional materials in the last century seem something impossible. In the 1930s, eminent theoretical physicists argu that such materials were unstable and could not exist, which found experimental confirmation for many decades after. But in 2004, Andrey Geim and Konstantin Novoselov were able to obtain the same two-dimensional material – graphene. They were award the Nobel Prize in 2010 for this discovery. In which every or almost every young scientist has the opportunity to conduct research that is of interest to him personally.

It is beneficial for society to have a system

Develop your idea which may not be confirm in the existing paradigm. Because, firstly, interest in the problem is the best motivation to continue to Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List persistently look for a solution, even when it doesn’t work the first time. Secondly, scientists go through the entire path of research – from hypothesis to implementation. And “unsolvable” problems. Third, by running this on a large number of scientists, we as a society can receive a small but still share of research that has the potential to change existing science. There will be a little more research that will turn into technological or product solutions. Something for the time being will remain a fun study.

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I immiately remember the Ig Nobel Prize

An this is not due to the fact that they were doing BT Lists some kind of stupidity, but we just do not know now where it can come in handy. — This is a great example, because it raises the question: how to really understand what is important and what is not? Any research can be valuable. Who would have thought that understanding what attracts female malaria mosquitoes more – the smell of cheese or human feet, will allow the development of special traps that will be in great demand in Africa. Or, my favorite example, squashing insects on the windshield. In 1997, when this study was done.

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