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You can’t blog for everyone, just like you can’t sell to everyone. It’s just not possible. Narrowing and focusing the topic of the blog helps you clarify who WANTS to read your blog. posts, comment and speak well of you even behind your back. When you know who you are writing for, your text will always resonate more deeply than if you are writing for the “masses”. After this, the work becomes easier. Once you know who you’re writing to and what you’re writing about, the next step is to plan WHAT you’re writing about . developed will help you here , which you won’t find anywhere else . With this idea generator, you can find up to 100 post ideas in one day.

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 You can finally say goodbye to mediocre posts written in a panic that don’t engage the reader. The blog post idea generator is unique in new database that it combines YOUR knowledge with what the reader REALLY WANTS to read. The idea generator is three-step and all you need for it is pen and paper or computer and word processor , on the strong foundation of which it is easy to start building, for example, a sales channel. But what if the blog has been around for years? Even if the blog has existed for 10 years, it is still possible to redefine and focus it. In fact, it’s really easy and simple to do.  readers come to your blog, what they are looking for there and how you yourself can help and support them on this topic. That’s all.

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You might also like this: and engages the reader – and brings sales The post is built from 10 different parts. Each of these parts supports each other and engages the reader to read the post from start to finish. The reader will never feel that he wasted his time but WANT to read more of your blog’s content. The right post structure also naturally guides the reader forward, for example to join the email list to read another post to buy the product you recommend or for example to send BT Lists a request for quotation for your services If you don’t write the post in the right way, at worst the reader will be confused about what you want him to do.

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