There is a directory of clinics on the platform

We provid open access to the Platforms on September 1, during which time more than 110 thousand customers have already connect to two verticals – micine and auto. As for partners, there are now more than 2,000 mical institutions in the vertical catalogs. These are key partners. If none of them is suitable for resolving the client’s issue, we use the Rosgosstrakh contract database, where there are about 9 thousand clinics. But if, say, the client lives in a remote region or does not want to go to some clinics from the directory, there may not be suitable institutions on the platform. Perhaps we did not have time to connect them.

Why such a difference

Then we will use our VHI database and select an institution List of US Mobile Phone Numbers for it. That is, 9 thousand clinics – these are all mical institutions with which Rosgosstrakh interacts. — And how many performers are there in the automotive vertical? — About 700 service partners — service stations — are connect to My_Service Auto. Some of  but by individual performers. For example, visiting auto mechanics. Usually they are self-employ, and we are constantly increasing their number in the database in order to ensure a spey trip to the field.

Phone Number List

The services are provid not by legal entities

At the same time, we decid for ourselves that if the client wants to contact a service station near the house, we will also organize this. However, let’s take a little more time to check the quality of the service. We may not gain anything from this. But now it is BT Lists more important for us to build a reputation for the service. Experienc Consultants and the Wrong Auto Mechanic  Micine, the car market, the services of plumbers and other similar professionals cause endless complaints about the quality of services. Can service platforms remove these We open the list and look for a top cardiology clinic.

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