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For their production an alloy of titanium, vanadium or zirconium is most often us. Everything would be fine, if not for one significant “but system. Will begin to rebel against the implant and the body will reject the foreign body. The task of scientists is to ruce this risk. The staff of the Scientific and ucational Center B P. Weinberg TPU under the leadership of Sergey Tverdokhlebov found a way to “deceive” the body. Scientists have develop several technologies and equipment for the formation of calcium phosphate coatings on the implant surface. And phosphorus form the basis of bone tissue.

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The implant is cover with a layer of these elements, the body takes it as “its own”. Tomsk scientists were able to improve the biocompatibility of coronary stents, this time Bulgaria Phone Number List applying a multilayer coating of titanium oxynitrides and a bioresorbable composite layer with nanoparticles, the modification technology of which was propos by TPU chemists. Coatings as a way to disguise Implants with bioactive coatings are widely us in regenerative micine. One of such developments of Tomsk Polytechnics is steel wires that are implant inside the tubular bone and us as a “conductor” that helps to form new bone tissue. A team of scientists l by Evgeny Bolbasov.

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Candidate of Technical Sciences, has develop a technology for manufacturing such implants and applying composite coatings bas on fluorocarbon plastics with piezoelectric properties on them. The latter are close in their composition and physical characteristics to real bone tissue, which allows them to be us for the treatment of children’s orthopic diseases caus by BT Lists heritary pathologies. Evgeny Bolbasov, Researcher, TPU Laboratory of Plasma Hybrid Systems: “The specificity of this coating is also that it forces the bone marrow stem cells, types of cells, to “retrain” into bone material. As a result, new bone tissue begins to grow intensively around the implant.

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