The Yarovaya law adopted in Russia

China has built a great firewall, Russia has adopt the Yarovaya Law, and other countries are also adopting regional methods of isolating traffic and controlling content. In view of this, providers are forc to find ways to block content. In particular,  in 2017, obliges telecom operators to store records of customer phone calls and their for six months, as well as keys for decrypting correspondence with the ability to transfer this data to the FSB. Telegram management stat that these requirements are technically unfeasible, because the keys are stor on users’ devices and the messenger does not receive them. After that, Roskomnadzor initiat the blocking of the messenger.

Internet traffic on their servers

To get around it Telegram disguis its connection as Thailand Phone Number List network equipment traffic, and the services were host on the servers of well-known vendors. When blocking this type of traffic, a significant part of Internet connections that are not relat to the messenger itself can suffer, which happen in Russia several years ago. Among the victims were several sectors of the economy, one way or another connect with the Internet. Their traffic was block and many companies suffer serious damage. Such actions can cost the economy of the state dearly,” notes Alexander Ognev. In June 2020, Roskomnadzor announc that it had lift the requirement to block Telegram in Russia.

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THe connection is possible without centraliz

Telegram remains the most accessible messenger in BT Lists terms of traffic isolation. For example, during the latest protests in Belarus, he remain the only working messenger. “Other, less well-known solutions may meet the above criteria. One such example is the Briar messenger, the key features of which are the ability to connect via Bluetooth, WI-FI, directly between devices, as well as via the Tor network. In addition,  servers, and the corresponding content is stor in encrypt form on the devices of the participants,” adds Ognev. In Britain, someone consults with the ChatGPT neural network.

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