The wages of such specialists are lower

The requirements change. In the current environment, companies often have to solve business problems in a shorter time and at the lowest possible cost. This has become the reason for the growing interest of employers in strong juniors – than those of middles and seniors, but at the same time they can provide the requir level of product quality. in the IT field, the classification of juniors in the Russian market is rather vague. In the fall of 2022, we held custom meetings with HR specialists and ask who was June for them. Interestingly, in interviews, people gave different descriptions.

Despite the gradations generally accept

In addition to the fact that HRs and employers in Norway Phone Number List principle may have different expectations from this position, the constantly changing market situation has an important influence now. We tri to classify juniors and see what changes are happening in each of the categories. The first category is jun- , when companies hire students from specializ universities. They have good basic training, but they are not independent at all, they have not dealt with any real tasks, such a person is a blank slate. Companies invest in them, then getting talent and loyal staff. Nothing has chang here: the universities are the same, the number is plus or minus the same.

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What happens in the classical market

It’s just that juniors are beginners with no work BT Lists experience, but they can already solve routine tasks with the constant support of a mentor (middle or senior). They have an ucation from a university or a course, knowlge and understanding of how things work, but they do not require experience. This is and we are now operating in a situation of constant transformation. Therefore, the June of the present is more likely a person with minimal (up to a year) experience in the industry or who has complet.

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