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Interest in the profession is growing : 40% of Russian residents out of 5,000 survey by the service believe that an engineer will become the most demand profession in 2023. More votes were given only for IT-specialists, few years. In a survey last year, the profession “engineer” took only sixth place. Metamorphoses of the IT equipment market During 2022, the IT equipment market, dominat by foreign vendors, completely chang course. The process of layoffs due to the departure of foreign vendors and the increase in the staff of Russian teams proce evenly throughout the year.

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Some Western companies clos their representative offices in Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List Russia and laid off employees immiately – in the spring. Others only suspend their activities: they continu to pay people salaries without demanding anything in return. Specialists have free time, the opportunity to calm down and take a sober look at the market, assess the situation. Proactive teams took the initiative and left on their own, joining local companies or opening their own. out the so-call “manag exit”, trying in one way or another to save both the business and the team with the help of local management. Not everyone succe, and most of these companies lost their existing contracts and the most valuable part of their employees.

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Whole the deficit in the labor market

In addition the labor market was affect by the outflow BT Lists of specialists abroad. We are talking, first of all, about highly qualifi personnel who have receiv an invitation from international companies to continue their careers in departments of other countries. And if, on the has smooth out due to the release of a large number of employees of large Western companies, then it remains in narrow-profile niches. For example, there is still a lack of technical specialists with a deep understanding of a particular technology – engineers, equipment developers.

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