The term has several manifestations

The advantage is that every person is an expert on himself, and everyone has a resource to look into himself, into his experience, into his past. were solv in the past,” says Kovpak. At the same time, he reminds: if a person cannot solve a life problem himself, this is also a normal situation; in this case, he nes to seek help from a psychologist or psychotherapist. There are various tests and techniques on the Web that help determine what kind of reaction to frustrating conditions a person is prone to. One of the most common is Saul Rosenzweig’s pictorial frustration test . It determines how the subject responds to frustration and frustrating situations.

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What type of aggression his reaction belongs to. What is List of US Mobile Phone Numbers rigidity in psychology Psychological rigidity is a personality trait that is characteriz by strong resistance or inability to change behavior, opinions, or attitudes.  In everyday life, people with this type of thinking are call stubborn – they are not us to revising decisions once made and do not adapt well to changes in life. In clinical psychology, rigidity can be both an individual characteristic and a personality change in mental disorders such as dementia and alcoholism. According to the dictionary of the American Psychological Association, rigidity is also manifest in patients after traumatic brain injuries – they tend to perform the task in one way, despite more effective and affordable alternatives.

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The expression of this quality is different

Maria Danina psychologist, founder of the Psychodemic BT Lists project: “Forms of rigidity occur in people in different combinations. It is also important that this is not just a human property that either manifests itself or not – each of us has a certain degree of rigidity, without which personality stability is impossible. But for everyone. Extreme rigidity is not common: most people are somewhere in the middle between it and extreme flexibility, which borders on impulsiveness. There are several types of rigidity: Cognitive rigidity is the inability to change perceptions of the environment when that environment changes.

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