The success of this struggle seems doubtful

Europeans had five decades to acquire. Secondly, the Western mass culture of the 1990s became synonymous with post-totalitarian freom, which caus an abnormal fashion for anglicisms. Both trends have been superimpos on the development of the Internet – another driver of the spread of borrowing. Probably, it was the “high density” of the penetration of new words in a relatively short time that became the reason for the ambiguous attitude towards Anglicisms. Although, as we found out, the very process of borrowing has always been natural for the Russian language. Is borrowing a cultural disaster? Some linguists believe that cultures and literatures is fraught with an intellectual catastrophe.

The displacement and oblivion of national

Perceiving units of a non-native language, a person simultaneously Italy Phone Numbers List assimilates a foreign, new world. culture”. It should be not that Russians are not alone in such conservative views – in many European countries there are movements, both scientific and public, advocating the preservation of the purity of the national language, since borrowing is a spontaneous process. Anglicisms penetrate the vocabulary by themselves, and not under the influence of Freemasons or reptilians, so it is not clear with whom specifically you ne to fight for authenticity. It should also be taken into account that.

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The wider the cultural perception of a person

Penetrating into the speech of native speakers, the vocabulary is modifi and “Russifi” – unique derivative words appear, for example, “state employee” or “pop”. The BT Lists imposition of a secondary language on the picture of the world,” which worries some linguists, is also not an unambiguous evil. If the hypothesis of linguistic determinism is to be believ , language does inde influence and define thinking . But the richer the vocabulary. Therefore, some everyday “bilingualism” can be rather a boon, since it makes our psyche more flexible and helps to adapt to a rapidly.

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