The study and analysis of big data

Data to analyze the causes of what happen. This helps to detect anomalies and random connections between events and activities. For example, Amazon analyzes sales and gross margin data for various products to find out why they generat less revenue than expect. Data is process and analyz using various tools and technologies [6] [7] : Special software: NoSQL, MapRuce, Hadoop, R; Data mining – extracting previously unknown data from arrays using a large set of techniques; AI and neural networks – for building models bas on Big Data, including text and image recognition. For example, the lottery operator Stoloto has made big data the basis of its strategy within the Data-driven Organization.

Data tools helps to increase the transparency

Using Big Data and artificial intelligence, the company Guatemala Phone Number List analyzes customer experience and offers personaliz products and services; Analytical data visualization – Animat models or graphs bas on big data. Which industries are already using Big Data? Public administration. helps governments make decisions in areas such as health, employment, economic regulation, crime and security, emergency response; Industry . The introduction of Big of industrial processes and introduce “prictive production”, which makes it possible to more accurately prict the demand for products and, accordingly, plan the expenditure of resources Micine.

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Make more accurate diagnoses  select effective

The huge amount of data collect by mical institutions and BT Lists various electronic devices (fitness bracelets, etc.) opens up fundamentally new opportunities for the healthcare industry. Big data helps to find new micines,  treatment, and fight pandemics; Retail . The development of network and electronic commerce is impossible to imagine without solutions bas on Big Data – this is how stores personalize assortment and delivery; Internet of Things . Big Data and the Internet of Things are inextricably link. Industrial and household appliances connect to the Internet of things collect a huge amount of data, bas on the analysis of which the operation of these devices is subsequently regulat.

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