The structure of the alliance is a complex

Senate must vote in favor, while in the UK, this does not require a separate parliamentary vote. An invitation from the Secretary General to join the alliance. The head of NATO formally invites the state to become a member of the organization. Candidate countries become members of NATO in accordance with their national procures.  and multilateral bureaucratic system. It can be divid into two categories: civil and military. Civilians include: The North Atlantic Council (NAC) is NATO’s main political decision-making body. Each State Party has a seat in the CAS. It sits at different levels at least once a week, or when the ne arises.

Who lead their arm forces represent

The ACS is chair by the Secretary General, who helps members Lithuania Phone Number List reach agreement on key issues. Nuclear Planning Group . It has similar powers to the CAS in relation to matters that relate to nuclear policy. committee network. They deal with the necessary things: from political to technical issues. They regularly meet representatives of NATO member states and their experts. The military category includes: Military Committee . In, it consists of the Chiefs of Defense Staff of NATO member states, by countries on a voluntary basis. Strategic Operations Command. Joint alli headquarters, which leads at three levels: strategic, operational and tactical.

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The event of a military operation

Transformational Command Leads the transformation BT Lists of weapons in accordance with new technologies, including cybernetic The position of the head of the alliance is call “general secretary”. He directs all major NATO committees, manages discussions and monitors the implementation of adopt decisions. He also acts as an official representative of the organization. It has no military role, as political, strategic and military decisions remain with the command of the participating countries. Typically, the general secretary is elect from among high-ranking European politicians. The service life is 4 years.

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