The situation from completely different angles

Previously he held the position of CEO of TalentTech (a division of Severgroup), work at Dell Corporation and ABBYY. Creat a startup ITMozg, which is engag in the selection of IT specialists. Covid and shortages expand geography — How has the behavior of applicants and employers in the labor market chang recently? Are there any significant changes here? — The situation on the labor market is always closely relat to what is happening in society and the economy. Every month, about 17 million people look for work at Avito: from couriers and salespeople to accountants and managers.

People perceive remote work

We are building an ecosystem around a variety of Henan Mobile Phone Number List employment, recruitment and service formats. Therefore, we see in a way that standard job resources do not see. Speaking about the behavior of labor market participants, one cannot avoid the topic of covid. The pandemic has chang both the structure of employment in general and the way. Many of those who previously hir staff in their region are now looking for employees throughout Russia. This is not only about call centers, but also about manufacturing companies where, for example, architects or technologists can work remotely.

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What the labor market could take

Five years ago this would have been impossible. As a recent BT Lists example, in October, online driving lessons were the most popular service in the learning category compar to September (+124%). Russians are accustom to searching online platforms for specialists in any field, from vocal coaches and tea ceremony experts to fitness trainers or video producers. 5–10 years to achieve happen in a few months and became familiar in a year. And I must say that we all adapt quite quickly. A generation that has gone through more than one period of change is no stranger to this. Therefore, rather quickly, the able-bodi population of Russia not only learn new formats.

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