The sharing business will soon crumble

Spend resources on something else, to be environmentally and ethically more “friendly”. Renting and ending a rental has become much faster and easier thanks to advances in technology and IT platforms. We are moving away from the traditional commodity-money-commodity exchange. Therefore, the sharing economy should be consider as a vector around which they are form and which itself forms a whole set of global trends. This is a “smart city” with and housing system, and the rational use of resources, and responsible consumption, and the creation of new business models.

The development of an intelligent transport

It is also important that the sharing economy concerns each Senegal Phone Number List of us here and now. Only a narrow group of specialists work with some trends and phenomena, others are direct to the distant future, while the principle of joint consumption is available to people of all professions, ages and social statuses. Clearly, goods and services that simply cannot be shar will not fit this model. It is also important that shar products do not lose quality because of this. And is it safe? The transparency of the business model is perhaps the key criterion for the success of the sharing service.

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Does this have a future

Now the sharing economy is largely form on the principle of a self-regulatory organization that evaluates itself, puts ratings, and punishes violators. But if it BT Lists turns out that ratings, points in some of the communities can simply be bought, or the system itself can be easily hack, then the principle of transparency will be discrit, trust will begin to fall, and.  According to economists, yes. For example, in Russia, according to the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC), the growth of the sharing economy in 2017 was 20%, and in 2018 it was already 30%, which allow this entire market to exce the volume of ?0.5 trillion.

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