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Grant to scale up the technology to treat large volumes of water, Liu said. The scientists plan to put short-wave ultraviolet light into treatment tanks. Liu notes : “We are optimizing the technology, trying to make it universal for a wide range of waters contaminat with PFAS. The technique has shown very promising results in water and various types of waste.” Thanks to high-performance technologies such as grid computing or in-memory analytics, companies can use any amount of big data for analysis. Sometimes Big Data is first structur, selecting only those that are ne for analysis.

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Increasingly big data is us for tasks within advanc Denmark Cell Phone Number List analytics, including artificial intelligence . There are four main methods of Big Data analysis [4] : 1. Descriptive analytics is the most common. It answers the question “What happen?”, analyzes real-time data and historical data. The main goal is to find out the reasons and patterns of success or failure in a particular area in order to use this data for the most effective models. For descriptive analytics, basic mathematical functions are us. A typical example is sociological research or web statistics data that a company receives through Google Analytics. Anton Mironenkov, Managing Director of X5 Technologies.

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There are two broad classes of models for making pricing BT Lists decisions. The first is bas on market prices for a particular product. Data on price tags in other stores is collect, analyz, and bas on them, according to certain rules, own prices are set. A demand curve, which reflects the volume of sales depending on the price. Online, this mechanism is us very widely, and we are transferring this technology from online to offline.” 2. Prictive or prictive analytics (prictive analytics) – helps to prict the most likely development of events bas on the available data. To do this, use ready-made templates bas.

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