The restorative functions of the brain

How does this happen and how to influence it? The result of the painstaking and operational work of researchers was pioneering results on the discovery of transparent lymphatic vacuum cleaners in the human brain, which remove toxins from its tissues. This discovery was the impetus for expanding scientific understanding of. To attract foreign colleagues to the joint work, for example, Thomas Penzel, a leading researcher in the physiology of sleep, head of the interdisciplinary sleep center at the Charité clinic (Berlin), and academician Jurgen Kurtz (Humboldt University in Berlin), who found a new direction on the study of sleep as a marker of the state of the blood-brain barrier responsible for maintaining brain health.

The team of the Smart Sleep laboratory manag

Oksana Semyachkina-Glushkovskaya, Head of the Algeria Mobile Number List Department of Human and Animal Physiology, Faculty of Biology, SSU, Deputy Head for Commercialization of Scientific Developments of the Scientific Mical Center: “Now there are 50 people in the team, half of them are young scientists. Since they are studying sleep, the research takes place both at night and during the day. The laboratory unfold on 165 sq There are special rooms for working with cell cultures, a vivarium with animals without pathogenic microbes, a surgical unit. Before entering these rooms, specialists must put on special suits every time. The work is carri out on a microscope with the function of multiphoton microscopy. In this configuration, he is the only one in Russia.

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The night work of transparent cerebral

The device performs deep scanning of living objects in BT Lists real time, allowing you to work with different organisms safely and harmlessly.” From postpartum trauma to Alzheimer’s Scientists themselves compare lymphatic vessels with a vacuum cleaner. During sleep, the brain actively works to restore its functions and “get rid” of toxic molecules accumulat during the day. Figuratively speaking, he “takes a shower” to cleanse himself of metabolites. At this moment, invisible vessels are activat.

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