The proposal seems absurd only at first glance

Recently the concept of secondary orality, or the so-call Gutenberg bracket, has become widespread – the five-hundr-year period between the invention of printing and the spread of the Internet, when the print word was of great, even dominant importance. we have return to the preprint oral tradition of the “town square”, in which gossip and news are pass from person to person directly, without being subject to authenticity and common sense checks. As a result, everyone determines for himself what is truth, and the boundaries of what is acceptable in the world of the “unknown.

One of the frequent reasons for turning to fortune

Especially in situations Experiencing loss-tellers and Austria Phone Numbers List psychics is an attempt to connect with a depart lov one. After a tragy, life can seem meaningless. The author of the well-known concept of the five stages of accepting the inevitable (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance) – David Kessler – in 2009 add a sixth to them – the search for meaning. A psychic can support and comfort a bereav person, as well as help him find the strength to live on. Living with grief is a deeply individual and difficult process, and psychotherapy is still taboo in a number of social groups. For many people, turning to a thanatopsychologist for help in grief is something like admitting oneself is crazy, but a visit to a clairvoyant is quite acceptable.

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With the advent of the internet age

However often clairvoyants “hook” vulnerable BT Lists people on their services, so that a person “gets stuck” in his grief. To exclude such situations, the author puts forward the idea of ??regulating the activities of miums and fortune-tellers. after all, in the adjacent “industry of meetings with the other world” – religious – there are certain standards of ethics and quality when working with the population. The witch is an icon of feminism The author repeatly compares these two spheres.

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