The property service employs consultants

Complaints and solve the quality problem? – I would be shaky if I said that everything is perfect with us and we give a 100% guarantee. Not everything will go smoothly, because the final work is done by living people, and misfires are not rul out. Clients are also different. Therefore, there will be cases of discontent, the main thing is to quickly and thoroughly sort them out. What makes us different from other services that solve similar problems is that we have consultants on our platforms. These are not robots, but living people, experts in their fields. “My_Service M” is attend by people with mical ucation.

Why in a particular case it is worth going

My_Service Auto” is serv by people with engineering diplomas Northeast Mobile Phone Number List and a huge knowlge base on all makes and models of cars. With experience in the housing and communal services system, maintenance of houses and apartments. Communication with such an expert is the first step in solving a client issue. Consultants help to eliminate incorrect expectations from the service and select the right specialist. That is, the client does not ne to study the entire list, choosing which piatrician or plumber has a prettier profile. Our experts explain to a particular specialist.

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When a customer is very dissatisfi

That is all customer requests on the platforms go through consultants? – Even if the client independently chose the service and the contractor, the application is BT Lists still controll by the consultant. He still calls and clarifies all the details. It often happens that the client changes the service or reorients to another specialist. What happen with a service? Or, for example, the client complains about the performer, but at the same time he is not right? – Our services are still very young, and we have not had such cases yet, on the contrary, we have begun to receive the first thanks.

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