The profession of Data Scientist

The same knowlge and skills as a graduate of the ITMO Faculty of Appli Mathematics. The purpose of such marketing claims is clear: to get as many students as possible into the school, but they often create unrealistically high expectations among potential students. For example, the idea that in a few months you can master from scratch and immiately get a high-paying job. But this specialty requires deep knowlge and a serious level of training in the field of mathematics. For example, in SkillFactory on the Data Science course.

We recently launch an updat course

We immerse students in the industry and its specifics Czech Republic Phone Number List for a long time, give tools and basic things, we teach the necessary disciplines – develop jointly with an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences from Moscow State University, which lasts 25 months and includes a block with advanc mathematics. Since a fundamental ucation is requir to work in the field of Data Science, mathematics is the basic discipline here.Here we come tol trajectory is for students: an ucational product should be creat taking into account differences in the level of basic training.

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We can distinguish three levels

The easiest way in IT is to start as a tester and BT Lists gradually build up your skills. Thus, segmentation according to the levels of initial training of students is necessary. Junes that graduate from online schools are also divid into categories. In our experience, of learners: People 35-40 years old, they have already built a career in another field or have their own business, but they want to develop further. If after training they manage to change jobs, it’s good, if not, they will apply the acquir knowlge for further growth in their field, and become more sought-after specialists. People without experience in IT, but with any higher ucation. They have a culture of learning.

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