The practical application of new technologies

The device performs deep scanning of living objects in real time, allowing you to safely and harmlessly work with different organisms.” From postpartum trauma to Alzheimer’s Scientists themselves compare the night work of transparent cerebral lymphatic vessels with a vacuum cleaner. During sleep, the brain actively works to restore its functions and “get rid” of toxic molecules accumulat during the day. Figuratively speaking, he “takes a shower” to clear himself of metabolites. At this moment, invisible vessels are activat. They help to remove toxins of various origins from the brain, including those accumulat in the blood after an intracranial hemorrhage.

In this case the fact plays into the hands

Understanding and controlling these processes can be widely Changsha Mobile Phone Number List appli in practice and become a successful example of personaliz micine. For example, in Alzheimer’s disease, such non-invasive technologies can be us to remove a toxic protein. In other cases, stimulation can help to remove blood from the brain, since in an aneurysm or stroke, it begins to flow out precisely through the lymphatic vessels. Another example, which is now in the focus of attention of the Saratov team, is the restoration of the brain of newborns from postpartum microtraumas. of scientists that in the first month of a baby’s life, cerebral lymphatic vessels are especially active.

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The chances for a positive development

Other mechanisms for removing fluid from the brain are BT Lists not yet operating. Brain damage of various sizes that occurs during childbirth causes hematomas in babies. In the future, this can negatively affect various brain functions: from speech and logic to concentration. The ability to naturally “pump out” the accumulat blood significantly increases of the newborn. Born in a hat is associat with the development of portable gadgets: caps or headphones that stimulate the work of transparent lymphatic vessels in newborns during sleep. They can be us not only in maternity hospitals and clinics, but also at home. In such devices, light and inaudible sound act as stimuli. EEG electrodes on the cap record the stages of sleep.

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