The Power of Product Knowledge

Those consulted are neutral in this regard and only 15% are in favor of the “swings” of brands in the field of activism . From the Ipsos report, it is clear, on the other hand, that the consumer is perfectly aware of the risk that brands take by getting involved in certain topics (as their own clients encourage them to do, moreover). Consumers are less inclined to buy brands that defend values ​​other than their own.

Which they do not personally agree

Of consumers say they are less willing to category email list buy products and services from brands that support social causes with which they do not personally agree. And a similar percentage (48%) also develops a lower predisposition to buy products and services from brands that defend issues of a political nature with which they do not agree.

Same about brands that celebrate

It is also worth noting that 45% of consumers regret that so many BT Lists brands. For example, jump on the bandwagon of Pride celebrations without really promoting change to defend the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. And 44% say the same about brands that celebrate “Juneteenth”, the holiday that commemorates the liberation of enslaved African Americans in the United States, and do so without truly committing to the eradication of racism.

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