The month enjoy the accumulat amount

In the second – everything that is strictly prohibit. For the author, for example, it was coffee to go, books, magazines, candles. In the third list, you ne to include items that are not essential, but important, which you allow yourself. Get rid of temptations To make abstinence easier, Kate recommends limiting the sources of temptation. with special offers and store coupons, unsubscribing from brand and store pages on social networks. Clearing browser bookmarks and deleting the wish list. If not a single special offer slipp through to you by Black Friday, then you did everything right. Open savings account To make the result of the shopping diet more visible.

Unsubscribing from mailing lists

The author recommends opening a separate account Dominican Republic Phone Number List and transferring 10–20% of your monthly income to it, as well as the savings. Resist the temptation to buy something you don’t ne? You can transfer its value to this account, and at the end of choose the best If you can buy only one thing to replace the one that has fallen into disrepair, you will choose it especially carefully. Kate shares her story about buying a sweatshirt. Previously, she would simply buy the first one she lik, and then another one, because the spontaneous purchase turn out to be uncomfortable. And another one, because the second one had a bad color.

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This book makes you want to sort through

An so on ad infinitum. During the experiment BT Lists everything chang. The search for the perfect piece took nine months, but every time Kate wears this sweatshirt, she feels deep satisfaction, not disappointment from wast money. Quotes “I had everything I ne. I myself was everything I ne.” “There is something in common between debt and rubbish. If you let them build up, it becomes harder and harder to do something about them.” Why read a book? the rubble of things and certainly not buy the fifth eyebrow cream and a pair of shoes at once.

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