The main goal is to find out the reasons and patterns

Big data helps save money even at the state level: for example, in Germany they returned about €15 billion to the budget [14] after discovering that some citizens receive unemployment benefits without any reason. They were calculated using transactions. Sugar is extremely important in cooking, but it is also harmful in large quantities. Harvard scientists have created a special enzyme. Sugar – so necessary and so harmful Sugar has great culinary value – it thickens. Caramelizes, can be used to preserve or create an acidic environment New enzyme being tested.

To reduce its volume in the production

At the same time, when consumed in large quantities. It can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases. The so-called “secret sugar” is Bulgaria Phone Number List especially. Dangerous – not in the usual sweets and soda, but in bread. Soups, smoked meats and many other foods . Just stopping eating sugar is also wrong. On the one hand, its controlled consumption is beneficial – it provides the human body with energy and stores it for future use. On the other hand, it is extremely difficult to stop eating sweets in unhealthy amounts. Withdrawal can lead to withdrawal , similar to that experienced by drug addicts. Food corporation wants to cut sugar.

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The first is based on market prices

Descriptive analytics, basic mathematical functions are BT Lists used. A typical example is sociological research or web statistics data that a company receives through Google Analytics. Anton Mironenkov, Managing Director of X5 Technologies : “There are two broad classes of models for making pricing decisions. for a particular product. Data on price tags in other stores is collected, analyzed, and based on them, according to certain rules, own prices are set. The second class of models is associated with building a demand curve, which reflects the volume of sales depending on the price.

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