The keys are localiz by the communication

The algorithms necessary for protection are appli to the data. In other words, the key itself is not enough, it is necessary to mix the data in such a way as to ensure reliability. However, if there are sufficiently large productive capacities, the key can be pick up. To solve this problem, security specialists increase parameters such as key length, complexity, and the number of conversion rounds,” the expert notes. The second approach to data encryption is asymmetric encryption.  public and private. An open one is ne to encrypt data, but it is completely useless for decryption. For this reason, it is available to anyone who wants to communicate with the private key keeper.

Two keys are us to protect data

Only with the help of the latter can the data be decrypt. “End-to-end encryption can combine these two methods. In the case of instant messengers, channel and Senegal Phone Number List are known only by clients communicating with each other. The secure channel eliminates man-in-the-middle attacks. Thus, the data that he intercepts will be useless, ”explains Ognev. If all messengers use end-to-end encryption, does it mean that they are equally secure? The key characteristic of messengers that use end-to-end encryption is privacy and anonymity.

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The anonymity of messengers is express

Privacy means that no data is available to third parties. The most popular messengers have some developments in this direction. For example, Telegram has the function of self-destructing an account in case of inactivity of the user. This decision grants the “right to be forgotten”. What you publish a few years ago can become “illegal content” with BT Lists the possibility of prosecution,” says Alexander Ognev. According to Ognev, in the fact that the connection is establish through the company’s servers, and we do not know the IP address of the remote user, and he, in turn, does not know ours. But the communication technologies implement in clients can have their drawbacks.

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