The internal neural systems cannot recover

It is a pathology and a signal for seeking help from specialists. Deja vu as a consequence of fatigue and overexertion. Neuroscientist Akira O’Connor believes that a healthy person. Can experience deja vu on average once a month. But the feeling will occur more often against the background of increased fatigue and tension. themselves normally. As a result, the work of neurons is disrupted. Which can lead to deja vu, ”he explains. Nikita Erin, psychologist at the I Understand corporate well-being platform. If we imagine the axis of mental disorders. A coordinates from right to left (from health to pathology.

Short-term memory deteriorates

Then distress (prolonged stress that negatively affects health) can shift the state to the left. The brain can not cope with the usual tasks. For example Finland Phone Number List after three sleepless nights. The likelihood of hallucinations and delusions may increase,and interaction with long-term memory becomes difficult. Therefore, with constant tension, people can experience deja vu more often. Vyacheslav Filashikhin: Doctors have the term asthenia” – this is the equivalent of human fatigue. It can be earned, for example, if you spend a day without sleep: it will manifest itself in the form of a weak drowsiness, headache, and so on.

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When your brain gets tired and regulate

So some doctors believe in order to find out what diseases a BT Lists person is predisposed to, you can see how he manifests himself in asthenia. For example, if a patient has latent epilepsy, it may not manifest itself when he has had enough sleep and feels well. But when he gets tired (does not sleep or drinks a large dose of alcohol), he will have an asthenic condition for several days. If at the same time he experiences deja vu, then he has some foci of overexcitation in the nervous system. That is, when overworked, deja vu will occur more often in those who are more likely to be prone to diseases.

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