The intelligent system of the Central Ring

Weight and size control should also be attribut to the necessary at this level. This is a basic level, that is, such functionality is a vital “minimum” of a “smart” road, which must be implement on a large number of highways in the near future. But it will be possible to talk about an advanc level of development if the very V2X technologies that allow the car to communicate with the surrounding infrastructure and other vehicles begin to be us on the road and serve as the basis for the development of unmann vehicles in the future. flow and improve road safety. For example, the car itself will transmit information about the sudden braking of the car in front.

Then the cars will better navigate the traffic

Thus all those moving behind will be able to slow down in Israel Phone Number List time and change lanes in time. Or about the fact that there is a pit on the road around the corner, which is better to go around. Moreover, the data exchange will be two-way: for example, traffic lights will transmit information to cars about the phases of the enabling signal, and the vehicle’s intelligent systems will calculate the requir spe in order to constantly move in the “green wave” mode and not slow down. Which roads in Russia have a high IQ? The smartest highway in Russia is the Central Ring Road (TsKAD) in the Moscow region. As of early 2023, it is the most tech-rich highway in the country.

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Road collects huge amounts of heterogeneous

For example it is equipp with the Free Stream barrier-free toll BT Lists collection system, in which more than 128 million user journeys have already been record in two incomplete years. In addition, the PK-3 section of the Central Ring Road is equipp with a new generation intelligent traffic control system and V2X technology data: information about weather conditions, traffic density, accidents and traffic jams at any given time.

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