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The idea that the Moon is an alien spacecraft is also connect to the belief that the Moon is supposly hollow inside. Now both concepts – an artificial moon and a hollow moon – are recogniz as unscientific. What is the accept theory of the origin of the moon?  support among researchers, explains the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, senior researcher at the State Astronomical Institute nam after P K Sternberg Moscow State University Anton Biryukov. This theory is support by at least two factors:Moon system belongs to a relatively rare class of close pairs of celestial bodies.

It has long been clear that the Earth

Sometimes they are even call “double planets”. Inde Finland Phone Number List the Moon is very close to the Earth – in comparison with the radius of the Earth itself. At the same time, it has a mass and size comparable to the Earth. for billions of years only by gravitational capture. Another important point: modern studies have shown that the isotopic composition of the Moon is very similar to the Earth’s – to a much greater extent than the composition of the same comets or, for example, meteorites from Mars. Therefore, scientists today agree that the  of our then young planet with another body, approximately the size of Mars. As a result of this collision, part of the Earth’s matter was thrown into orbit.

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Moon was form as a result of the collision

Where it became our satellite. Modern technologies are BT Lists originally design to help humanity. But some see them as more of a threat. Understanding what techno-pessimism, techno-optimism and techno-realism are Airplanes, artificial organs, prosthetics, mobile Internet, social networks, electric cars and unmann vehicles, virtual and augment reality, artificial intelligence (AI) – scientific and technological progress has given humanity a lot of achievements. Millions of scientists around the world are working on the development of technologies every day.

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