The Food Waste Index captures the amount

The Food and Agriculture Organization of. United Nations has developed two main indices. Food loss and food waste.The food loss index helps determine. How much food is wasted during production and distribution. of waste that is generated from retailers, retailers, and consumers. According to experts , losses for each index average at least 14%. In some countries this figure is higher. About 17 million tons of food waste is generated in Russia .  that are recorded in the entire supply chain, then the total volume will be 42 million tons per year.

If we add to this amount the losses

Some of the food losses are recycled back into the Brazil Mobile Number List production cycle. This waste is used to make compost or livestock feed. But most of it ends up in landfills. Getting to the landfill, organic waste does not decompose in a short time, but starts an anaerobic process, as a result of which carbon dioxide and methane are released from the garbage. In addition to on the environment, food production uses a huge amount of resources. That is, along with expired yogurt or a rotten tomato, electricity and water resources that were used in production are sent to the trash can. How to save and save food Food sharing can prevent wasteful use of food.

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The negative impact of food waste

This is not only an opportunity to save food, but also BT Lists an effective tool in the fight against poverty. Thus, the cost of food sent to landfills in Russia is estimated at more than ?1.6 trillion . Analysts of the TIAR Center are sure that this amount would be enough to lend a helping hand to people who live below the poverty line. According to Rosstat, there are now 19.9 million people in the country with incomes below the subsistence level. Several all-Russian food-sharing projects and many local ones are taken to help them. 

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