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There were three dominant theories of the formation of the moon in the scientific world. The centrifugal separation hypothesis is one of the Big Three. For the first time, the English astronomer and mathematician George Darwin, son of Charles Darwin, spoke about it back in . In his opinion, the Moon was form due to off from the Earth, which was rotating at that time at a very high spe, under the action of centrifugal forces. Although this theory was popular at the beginning of the th century, subsequent scientific data did not confirm it.

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For example calculations show that the spe of the Egypt Phone Number List Earth at that time was not so high that a piece of this size could “fall off” from it. Also, if the theory were correct, the moon would most likely revolve around the earth’s equator, but it doesn’t. Simultaneous formation of the Moon and the Earth Another theory of the “Big  appearance of the Moon and the Earth. Perhaps this is one of the oldest scientific theories of the formation of the earth’s satellite: in it was put forward by the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. He suggest that the Moon and the Earth were form from a gaseous material (dust nebula.

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The adhesion of solid particles of meteorites

They are sister planets that form at about the same time . At various times, this idea was support by other astronomers and physicists, including the BT Lists Soviet mathematician and astronomer Otto Yulievich Schmidt and his followers. According to the Soviet hypothesis of coaccretion (from the Latin accretio, attachment), a disc gradually form around the young Earth, similar to the rings of Saturn that exist today . It arose due to accretion, that is, clouds of dust and gas. From such a disk, the earth satellite was form.

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