The European Union is also forecasting

Countries and companies continu to announce or implement decarbonization plans. India is expect to make the largest contribution to the development of renewable energy in 2021 . A number of wind and solar projects are plann to be launch here.  a jump in capacity growth in 2021. Here , even in the context of a pandemic, they, the largest correction of the economic course in the history of the EU. The goal of the project is to create a carbon-neutral space in the EU by 2030. To this end, it is plann to ruce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% from the level of 1990 and increase the share of energy from renewable sources to 32% in the total energy consumption structure.

Do not forget about the Green Deal

According to the European Commission, it will be Cyprus Phone Number List possible to achieve these goals with the help of annual investments in the amount of €260 billion. The share of renewable energy in the EU energy system is also constantly growing. Thus, about 40% of electricity in the first half of 2020 in the EU was produc from renewable sources. In the meantime, of renewable energy are China, the USA, Japan and the UK. Since Bloomberg NEF began tracking this data, global investment in wind and solar power, biofuels, biomass and waste, and small hydropower has increas by almost an order of magnitude. On an annualiz basis, investment in clean energy has grown from $33 billion to more than $300 billion in 20 years.

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The leaders of investments in the development

China has become a top producer of renewable energy equipment in ten years . First of all, we are talking about solar panels. Seven of the top 10 solar cell manufacturers in the world are Chinese companies. In general, the development of technologies has ruc the BT Lists cost of building new renewable energy facilities. This brings China’s plans to become carbon neutral by 2060 closer. Green economy Bet on the sun and coal: two faces of China’s energy Serious steps towards the energy transition are also expect from US President Joe Biden. He not only return the country.

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