The effects of blocking large social networks

Shutdowns and blocking social networks using Netblocks Cost of Shutdown . This is a tool that uses data from the World Bank, the International Telecommunication Union, Eurostat and the US Census to estimate  and block access to services and applications. Netblocks Cost of Shutdown uses the Brookings Institution method to calculate financial losses. Losses from blocking social networks Top10VPN estimates that social mia blocking has cost the Russian economy $21.5 billion. This damage is much higher than in countries such as Iran and Myanmar, where there are many more block resources, and during large protests the Internet was completely turn off. We ask Samuel Woodhams, author of the Top10VPN study.

The economic impact of Internet disruptions

Yegor Krivosheya head of the blockchain and fintech laboratory at the Skolkovo School of Management, to explain the reasons for Russia’s losses. According Cambodia Phone Number List to them, Russia’s digital economy is much larger than the economies of other countries in the ranking. Therefore, such as Instagram and Facebook are felt more strongly. Samuel Woodhams, digital rights researcher and author of the Top10VPN study, told RBC Trends: “The economic impact of shutting down the Internet largely depends on the size of a country’s digital economy and the number of people online. Since Russia’s digital economy is significantly larger than Iran or Myanmar.

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When you turn off one of the elements

Restrictions are more expensive, even if the lockdown BT Lists measures are not as harsh.” Egor Krivosheya, head of the blockchain and fintech laboratory at the Skolkovo Management School: “In economics, a systematic view is very important., the effect goes to the rest of the segments. For example, when social mia monetization is turn off, the segments of the creative economy are the first to suffer, but after a step, the effects begin to spread to both advertisers and niche businesses that us social networks as a channel for promotion and communication with the client. Moreover, doing special projects and / or sharing data for commercial purposes.

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