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Even if these emotions are not explicitly express [ 1 ]. The word “empathy” is relatively new – it was first us by psychologist ward Bradford Titchener a little over a hundr years ago. In 1909, he publish the book Experimental Psychology of Thinking Processes, where he describ the process of empathy using the German word “Einfuhlung” – “feeling”, and then translat it into Greek (em – “in” and pathos – “passion, strong feeling, suffering”). Empathy is distinct from sympathy, although both terms describe an emotional response to another person’s condition. The difference is that when we sympathize, we experience our own emotions — pity, a desire to take care or comfort.

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An empathy involves immersion in the emotion of Singapore Phone Number List the interlocutor. In other words, empathy is looking at a person’s problem from our own point of view, and empathy is from his. Thus, Lauren Wispé, in the monograph “The Psychology of Sympathy” notes: “The goal of empathy is understanding, the goal of sympathy is the well-being of the other.” And below she writes: “Empathy is a way of knowing, sympathy is a way of relating” [ 3 ]. In 2013, scientists from Goldsmith’s University of London conclud that only 1–2% of the world’s population are empaths. Ordinary empaths have higher affective empathy.

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During the study they found that empaths have BT Lists hypersensitive mirror neurons. It is these brain cells that are responsible for the emergence of feelings such as compassion and love. How empaths differ from highly sensitive people not so long ago, notes psychologist and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist Elizaveta Muratova. It denotes people environment or their own inner life. other people’s emotions, while highly sensitive people themselves react vividly to what is happening. They immerse themselves in their own feelings. Thus, a highly sensitive person is not always an empath.

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