The Critical Mass

Yes, I found out today from a famous Murcian doctor with a clinic in Madrid. [piopialo] Hulk is in a coma and his prognosis is very unfavorable… [/piopialo] Hahahahaha, sorry, I had to do it. Have you caught it? Hahahahahahaha. Eeeen end. No, seriously, today we are going to comment on something very important and of vital importance when you plan to launch a startup or an Online Marketing project or also, as is my case, when you want to do an experiment or try a new technique : critical mass .

The story of the forgotten ebook and the peep chick

Saturday night, after getting something that in my eyes may be a good technique, I top industry data decided to launch it and test it with my blog. So I sent out a tweet giving away an ebook and that was it. Result: 0 clicks . Well, nothing happens, maybe on Saturday normal people do other things. Sunday I decided to do the same at different times and nothing, just a click. Don’t people tweet on Sundays? That’s why, I thought to my Consuelo (for mine, not for her. Because if I tell her it’s not thinking, that is to say).

Finding the balance between leisure and work

Yeah, wow, I can’t find anything out for you. But just as it didn’t hurt me to remember it, it would be great if you remembered today : That BT Lists you should be proactive, not reactive. This is one of the problems/mistakes that many of us make. There comes a time when we are so saturated that we only limit ourselves to responding, thanking and little else to the notifications we receive. But no, this is not cool at all and you will see how “it decreases” (and we don’t like that at all). Remember to start conversations too and do things that they can thank you for

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