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The decor of the facades and premises of trading floors is being dismantl. Large shopping centers, such as TSUM and GUM, do not hire contractors and remove decorations on their own. Dismantl jewelry is taken away for storage in special rooms. As a rule, these are warehouses rent or own by the organization. RIt is not uncommon for some decorations. Are us even after several years of storage, as they are ideally suit to the creative concept. Natalia Plugatar, Director of Marketing at Bosco di Ciliegi. You can first throw out the old slippers. And the next day get rid of some ancient boots with holes in the sole.

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The scenery is stor in our warehouses. Sometimes Peru Phone Number List we reuse some design elements from previous years. In 2021, to decorate GUM, we us a crescent moon, which we made back in 2015, almost seven years ago.eusing holiday decorations is a healthy and sustainable practice. Back in 2019, Moscow and the Moscow region of household waste, and, according to the foIt also happens that we give all the design to someone. For example, in 2019, GUM was decorat with a space theme, and then all the structures were donat to the city of Kaluga.

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TSUM press service At TSUM, they treat jewelry BT Lists responsibly: after the festive season. All decor is sent for storage things that you have in multiple instances. Well, take a look around: is it likely that you have two or three pairs of scissors at home? Or maybe a bunch of ballpoint pens that you don’t use? Two calligraphy brushes? We often do not even know how many of the same items we have, because we store them in different places. Often this is where the clutter of living space begins. And the more things you have.

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