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Helping him to fight certain diseases.” Bone, ceramics, friendship. The application of bioactive coatings is not the only option to “make friends” with an implant.  biocompatibility than their counterparts made of metals and alloys bas on titanium and nickel. For example, biocompatible ceramic implants. And have minimal side effects. Ceramic implants are widely us in orthopics and dentistry. Tomsk Polytechnics are developing new technologies for custom-shap implants bas on zirconium nanoceramics, as well as improving existing technologies by order of an industrial partner, the high-tech company MOYE Ceramic-Implantate a resident of.

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The Tomsk Special Economic Zone. Oleg Khasanov, Director USA Phone Number List of the Scientific and ucational Innovation Center “Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies” of TPU  implant technologies is that the production of custom-shap products becomes more economical. In the 1990s–2000s, our scientific group develop, patent and introduc into production technologies for molding ceramic nanopowders into functional products of a given shape using ultrasonic and collector pressing methods. Today we use them to create mical ceramic implants for various purposes.” Among the current developments are implants for the talus joint in the ankle, dental components. The results are requir to fulfill orders from both Russian and foreign mical centers and firms.

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Scaffolding to the rescue Not always an BT Lists implant is ne to “repair” the bone. In some cases, when it comes to minor loads on the bone, you can use a scaffold (from the English – “scaffolding”). The material for them is polymers and composites – substances consisting of two or more components with different physical and chemical properties. materials with improv characteristics that are not characteristic of each of the original components. Scaffolds are obtain by electrospinning or other methods. They imitate the structure of the extracellular matrix of bone tissues, contain healing preparations and completely disappear.

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