The collection of big data is often associat

Among the corporations that collect and analyze data are Yandex, Sberbank, Special tools have appear that help businesses collect and analyze Big Data, such as the Russian service Ctrl2GO . What are the problems and prospects of Big Data? Main problems: Big data is heterogeneous and therefore difficult to process for statistical inference. The more parameters requir for forecasting, the more errors accumulate in the analysis; Working with large amounts of data online requires huge computing power. Such resources are very expensive, and so far only available to large corporations.

The Facebook profile scandals

The storage and processing of Big Data is associat Belarus Phone Number List with increas vulnerability to cyber attacks and all kinds of leaks. A prime example is ;  with a privacy issue: not everyone wants their every action to be track and transferr to third parties. explain why there is no more privacy on the Web , and the tech giants know everything about us; Big data is us for their own purposes not only by corporations, but also by politicians : for example, to influence elections . Pros and prospects: Big data helps solve global problems – for example, fight a pandemic , find cures for cancer and prevent an environmental crisis.

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Sugar is extremely important

Big Data is a good tool for creating smart cities BT Lists and solving the problem of transport ; Big data helps save money even at the state level: for example, in Germany they return about €15 billion to the budget [14] after discovering that some citizens receive unemployment benefits without any reason. They were calculat using transactions. in cooking, but it is also harmful in large quantities. companies, Harvard scientists have creat a special enzyme Sugar – so necessary and so harmful Sugar has great culinary value – it thickens, caramelizes, can be us to preserve or create an acidic environment., it can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases.

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