The Brand Invited Several People to Meet Inside

A room full of Xiaomi products with a fun and complicated challenge: stack each of the boxes in just 200 seconds until reaching the exact height of 2 meters, which is precisely the height of the goalkeeper. The participants got to work trying to achieve the established objective without knowing that at the end of the test a shocking surprise awaited them. Courtois himself showed up to use his own height as a reference when checking whether the participants had passed the challenge.

The Spot Stars Such a Relevant Figure in the Sports World

As Thibaut Courtois, recently named the best goalkeeper in the world. As can be top people data seen in the video, some of the participants managed to pass the test with great skill and others were just a few centimeters away. However, judging by the fun with which they faced the challenge, what everyone seemed to have won was a fantastic memory. In this way, the company reinforces its commitment to technological innovation.

A Creative Way and Reflecting

A class project led a group of young people to create a profile on social networks that ended BT Lists up becoming one of the most popular accounts of the moment. Today, Hello Monday is an Influencer & Marketing agency that has more than 270,000 followers on its Instagram account and represents personalities such as Borja Iglesias or Cristóbal Soria (from the world of football); Alejandra Salazar (of paddle tennis) or even the winner of Pasapalabra.

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