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Masters relat professions at his own expense and improves his qualifications. The rating system affects the success in finding orders. But it forces the employee, in pursuit of “five stars. To perform a volume of work that exces the original one. Spend time clarifying the terms of reference, finishing and alterations that sometimes occur through no fault of the contractor. Since employees are paid for the fact that the order is complet. The time between orders, lunch breaks, searching for. An order and waiting for it to be complet at the previous stage for example.

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If we are talking about a courier and he is waiting for Portugal Phone Number List a dish. To be prepar in a restaurant) is not paid. You cannot take a new “deferr” order until the previous one is clos. Loss of time due to errors of the previous stage is also not compensat. – for example, the couriers of for working hours. But the system is such that you can rise from the initial two or only by fulfilling orders very intensively. Of course, the gig economy is a modern approach to employment, but only from the point of view of its informational foundation.

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Three shifts of two hours to a decent full week

In social terms this can be call a rollback to the 19th century. Homeworkers in New York sweatshops were, in essence, the same kind of gig workers BT Lists women who sew at home for 12-14 hours work on a piecework basis, and their employer had no obligations and no responsibility. Therefore, for the platform economy to truly become a model of the future in employment, it must not leave behind the achievements of the last century and a half in the field of labor Every year, at least 1.3 billion tons of food is sent to landfills in the world.

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