The company plans to return to the asteroid

Which it was possible to start implementing an ambitious project. The first device, call Brokkr-1, is schul to be launch into space in April 2023. It will be a kind of intelligence, a test of technology: a material similar to the substance of an asteroid will already be inside, and the device will try to process it and separate metals in weightless conditions. The specifics of the technology were not disclos, but the company says it will be a “high-end vacuum.” But the second mission, schul for October 2023, already involves landing a larger device Brokkr-2 on an asteroid.

If all goes well to start mining

What kind of celestial body is still kept secret. It is only known Ireland Phone Number List that this is a stone with a diameter of less than a hundr meters, and the delivery of the apparatus to it will take about 11 months. The device will try to detect the presence of platinum group metals (rhodium, ruthenium, palladium, osmium, iridium, platinum). AstroForge plans to extract and deliver to Earth the first batch of minerals by the end of 2030. The company considers only those asteroids whose diameter is from 20 meters to one and a half kilometers, and the substance contains platinum group metals.

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All elements heavier than helium appear

What can be min on asteroids Most asteroids are BT Lists compos of silicate minerals and carbonaceous compounds. Minerals can be a source of iron, titanium, nickel, cobalt, platinum group metals, gold, manganese. Some asteroids contain substances from which water, oxygen and hydrogen, the main component of rocket fuel, can be extract. Why are there so many more of these resources in space than on Earth? in space, and the metals that are min on our planet are the remains of asteroids that hit Earth during meteorite bombardment after the crust cool. It is believ that some of these celestial bodies contain more precious.

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